ATTENTION: Are you undergoing a transition in your life that has you feeling stuck, unsure, and overwhelmed?

6 Amazing Experts Share How to Leverage Your Next Transition As the best opportunity to reach your next level of 

Living Your Dreams and Passion Should not be optional

It's Time To Stop Sacrificing...

  • You work hard everyday, but don't feel a true sense of accomplishment.
  • You've placed your dreams on hold to support and cater to other people's needs and desires.
  • ​You KNOW you're meant for more, but the thought of following your passions leads you to feeling guilty, uncertain, or paralyzed with fear. 

You CAN experience Joy, fulfillment, aND success!

Imagine FINALLY Living Your Passion...

  • Do work that lights you up and fills your heart.
  • Stop feeling guilty and anxious about pursuing your dreams and living a life of purpose.
  • ​Have so much clarity on your path that transitions and shifts become welcome opportunities to grow and expand, 

Your next Transition Could be the KEY to living the life you've always dreamt of!

Get Crystal Clear on the Path to Follow

Rediscover and define your passion and purpose. Identify the key elements that will propel you forward and keep you on the right path so you can make decisions quickly and effectively.

Build your Confidence and Determination

Tap into your authenticity, confidence, and drive with tools and strategies you can use at any time, so you can keep moving forward without being overcome by setbacks or difficulties. 

Break the Chains of Guilt, Fear, and Doubt

Finally, remove the guilt, fear, and doubt that have kept you from taking action in the past so you can become the person you KNOW you were meant to be. Become Legendary!

Meet Our Speakers:

Wendi McKenna, DPT

Transformational Leadership Coach

Dr. Wendi McKenna, a transformational leadership coach and founder of Living in Leadership, helps make the impossible possible, as she has done with babies, kids, teens, parents and driven individuals over the last 22 years. She loves working with humans who are hungry to uplevel themselves, lift those around them, and transform their world to create wins for all. Through “The Five Pillars of Intentional Living” her clients uncover their vision that lights them up so they can’t help but be fully committed to it, heart, body, mind and spirit. And, build deeply connected relationships with the people they love along the way. You can have your cake and eat it too…with joy, love, peace, and abundance. Together we fly.  

Jade Handy

Starting Over Coach

Jade Handy has spent 30+ years as a serial entrepreneur, salesperson, business community connector. Since 2014 he's been a startup business educator and coach. Jade is native of rural Iowa and lives in Des Moines. In addition to beginning at a young age starting several businesses (12+) spanning multiple industries, he was the Program Manager of the West Des Moines Business Incubator. He has led over 300 events helping people build their businesses and sales. He has helped bring modern business startup frameworks into public school systems and has presented for university business programs. Along the way he has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs Get Going and Get Growing in business. His latest startup project is helping people convert offline talent, expertise and business best practices into internet-based opportunities.

Myriam Martinez, MA

Women's Mental Wellbeing Coach and Creativity Mentor

Myriam Martinez is a Women’s Mental Wellbeing Coach, Creativity Mentor, Art Therapist, Successful Entrepreneur, and Founder of the WILD Woman’s Creative Corner Community. Myriam brings nearly 20 years’ experience working in the mental health field with women around issues of stress, self-inadequacy, and self-identity.
She gently guides women towards a path of learning to embrace their Woman-ity and love themselves fiercely and own their power and strength. Myriam deeply believes that women are creative, intuitive, intelligent beings that are often conditioned to put themselves last and therefore lose touch with themselves and their creative spirit. Myriam’s calling in this life is to teach women the power and importance of putting themselves first, loving themselves as much as their own best friend, and tapping into their creativity for personal and professional happiness, ease, and success. Myriam is based out of Northern California and is the mom of 2 teens and 2 fur babies. 

IV Marsh

Leadership Coach, Life Strategist, Founder of IAM4, & Lead Pastor of Epic Church.

IV Marsh played college football at the University of North Alabama. He also served in the Security Forces for the United States Air Force. Most of his military career was spent in Central and South America fighting the War on Drugs. After exiting the military, he was a municipal police officer, worked undercover, a certified Street Defense Instructor and on the SWAT team.
IV has a diverse background that has allowed him to see the struggles that men have from childhood trauma and PTSD. In 2010 he founded Becoming Man, a men’s movement focused on restoring Biblical masculinity. His passion is to equip men with tools to be a healthy man, husband and father. In 2013 he founded Warrior Evolution, a 75-hour personal development intensive for men.
In addition, IV pastors a thriving church with multiple campuses in the US and South Africa with his wife Bené. They also founded a marriage coaching network, Becoming One and travel the world teaching marriage conferences. He was founder and CEO of Lead Now.
Married since 1994, IV and Bené live in Alabama. They have two sons, Garret and Joshua, a daughter, Ella and two daughters-in-love, Jessica and Molly.

Angela Sedran

Million-Dollar Business Strategist and Women's Wealth Liberator

Angela is on a mission to help a million women achieve financial freedom by 2030. 
She understands the unique challenges a woman faces every day in life and business. She struggled for years as a widowed single mother with the pressures of paying the bills, finding enough time for her child and helping him overcome his hearing issues - all whilst navigating corporate politics and sacrificing her soul in the process… and staying sane!
She was a successful senior strategy executive, management consultant and executive coach, helping her clients make millions of dollars, but she was tired, burnt out, and disillusioned.
Everything changed though when she turned her back on corporate and senior management, finally tapped into her divine feminine energy, and started her own business!
Her coaching takes the overwhelm and guesswork out of building a profitable digital coaching business… and helps women blossom into successful, confident CEOs. 

Dave Horvath

Founder of Becoming Uncommon
Life Strategist & Speaker

Dave is an entrepreneur, speaker, and life strategist that has built multiple global companies and communities. Dave’s message and mission, of becoming UNCOMMON is about helping people tap into the difference that God placed inside them while helping them understand how to monetize it.

Dave has been happily married to his wife Tracy for 17 years and is the proud dad of their daughter Sophia.

Maribel Ortega

Confidence and Assertiveness Coach

Maribel Ortega is an executive coach and consultant. She helps women and nice guys go from manager to leader in 90 days. She is the founder of The Assertive Leader Roadmap. She is an expert on advancing women and engaging men. She supports her clients in becoming better, more resilient leaders. She is also the co-host of AudaciousNess, a podcast featuring the journeys of audacious leaders and risk-takers and host of the LinkedIn live show Managers to Leaders...

Meet Your Host Marcy Amaro

Marcy Amaro, is an educator, speaking expert, podcaster, and empowerment coach who has been working with new entrepreneurs and business owners for nearly two decades. As a coach and mentor, she helps her clients find the confidence and develop the skills necessary to refine their voice and increase their impact through public speaking, and effective self-leadership.

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